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7 Tips For Making Your Business Shine on Facebook

April 3, 2013

Facebook tips for businesses

By now most people are familiar with Facebook. We use it to get back in touch with old friends,
to catch up with relatives who live far away, and as an easy way to wish people Happy Birthday.
But when it comes to using Facebook for business, many people still aren’t quite sure how to go
about it. If you’re not sure if Facebook is right for your business, that’s a whole other (hopefully
very persuasive) conversation we can have, but in the meantime, we thought we would share
our favorite Top 7 tips for how to make your business really stand out and connect with people
using Facebook. So, without further ado…

7 Tips For Making Your Business Shine on Facebook:

Create an interactive page! Your fans are looking for you to be both fun and helpful.
When people look at your Facebook page, they should find that they feel entertained
and are connected to the brand. Share tips and advice that relate to your service or
products. Entertain your fans with posts containing short videos, attention-grabbing
photos, case studies, press clippings, or user comments.

Write in your own conversational voice. Yes you are representing your business and
want to do so in a professional manner, but no one wants their Facebook feed crowded
with legalese or overly-complicated rhetoric. Post on Facebook with the same tone
you’d use when speaking to your clients or customers when in person.

Give your Facebook fans an inside look. People love free stuff and feeling like they’re on
the inside of the cool club that is your brand. So give them some perks; special coupons
or discount codes, and early looks at the things you’re working on. This rewards people
for being involved in your brand and page.

Share interesting news that relates to your industry. Your page shouldn’t only be used
for self-promotion, it should be a place your fans will want to visit to stay current on
news and be entertained. Posting articles or commentary on what’s happening in your
industry will help you be seen as an authority in your arena and will help to increase
your fan base.

• ‘Like’ the pages of other companies. They can be brands you relate to, companies you
respect, or even your suppliers. After all, Facebook is a social network and making
connections only strengthens your credibility on the web.

• Remember to keep your fans engaged. The ultimate goal of social media is to get your
fans to respond. Link to articles that your fans will ‘like’, ‘comment’ on and ‘share’. Post
helpful tips or tricks and most importantly, ask questions. Your fans will respond more
when they see that you are making your posts about them; their interests and opinions,
this will make them feel more engaged and connected to your business and brand.

• Don’t use Facebook just as a sales tool. If all of your posts seem to sell something, fans
will tune you out. It is important to sell yourself from time to time but just make sure
you maintain a balance. A good guideline is to use the 80-20 rule: 80% of your posts
should be engaging and informative while just 20% should be about sales. If you decide
to post 10 times a week, only 2 of those should be pushing your sales while the other 8
should be about engaging your fans.

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