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It’s About ROI

Turn Browser into Buyers

It’s all about optimizing these days. SEO is a great tool for driving more traffic but what do you do with all that traffic once you get it? For many websites “Conversion Optimization” is the next great journey in their online development. Conversion optimization aims to create the ideal experience for a potential customer, increasing the chance of turning them into solid leads or into paying clients. Getting tons of traffic on your site is fun in the beginning, but in the long run you need to make a profit. That’s where we come in.

The primary goal of a conversion optimization campaign is to take your raw traffic and turn it into profit. It can improve your website’s usability, funneling people towards your end goal: more revenue.

Our conversion optimization services focus on your strengths, and help them take center stage. SEO and conversion optimization are two peas in the same pod; both need continual marketing and IT integration to seamlessly perform at the highest levels. It is driven by data and content, it needs strong design, and most importantly, conversion optimization needs to convert interested individuals into happy customers.

It’s About ROI

Of course you don’t want a site that uses optimization tactics that literally beat the message into your customers, but alas, for many marketing firms, that’s the way business is done. iOVA sees it differently. We create sites that speak to clients, capture viewers with powerful content, and integrate data analysis to give you the results you desire.

It’s more than just a few flashy graphics and a “Buy Now” slogan slapped on a site. The real optimization is about getting real with the data and proving to prospects that your service or product really does offer a solution to their problems. If you stand behind what you do, like we stand behind what we do, your optimized site will soon be giving you more business than you can handle. And who doesn’t want more business?

Looking for a Landing Page that Actually Lands?

iOVA Brings the Goods

Good SEO and conversion companies will tell you that shortcuts are not the answer. Tweaking some content or adding some arrows pointing towards a product is not a great incentive. Think about it — would you want to buy something if the marketing was shoddy? Neither would we.

In the online marketplace they say content is always king. At iOVA, we say all of the following are part of that royal court…

  • Content
  • Graphics/web design
  • Web Analytics
  • SEO Development
  • Social Marketing

The best part is that iOVA is a one-stop-shop for all of your conversion optimization needs. We have developed a strong and talented team of individuals who specialize in web marketing promotion and analysis. With our know-how, your website will go from where it’s at, to where you really want it to be. We work hard to make your company look and sound it’s very best.

Your website is your most underleveraged asset, contact us today and find out how conversion optimization strategies can help you turn your traffic into dollars.