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Mobile Marketing

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There are over 4 billion people worldwide using mobile phones. Mobile ad revenue is expected to rise this year almost 2 billion dollars from last year to $11.4 billion. By 2016, that number is expected to more than double to $24.5 billion. Studies show that 84% of mobile phone users keep their device within 10 feet of them at all times and glance at the screen 150 times per day, and that’s something everyone has certainly seen first-hand. Text messages are opened 97% of the time, with 85% of those being opened within 15 minutes of being received. So it’s an effective and immediate way to reach your customers.

What exactly is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is targeted marketing sent to your customers via SMS or text message directly to their mobile phone. This can be used to distribute mobile coupons, remind your clients of their appointments, reward your most loyal customers, carry out short-term or exclusive sales, hold text-to-win contests, and much more.

Ok, but why is Mobile Marketing right for my business?

While 65 percent of email is spam, less than 10 percent of SMS is, and mobile coupon redemption is 10x’s that of traditional coupons partly because it is sent to your existing and targeted customer base, encouraging them to frequent your business and rewarding them in the process. Mobile Marketing costs less per customer reached than most traditional marketing channels (newspapers, billboards, TV commercials or radio spots) so it also provides you with the best bang for your buck. SMS is the best way to reach the customer wherever they are and with unique promotions like electronic trackable coupons, text to win campaigns, customer polls and more.

I see that it can help me maintain customers, but what about expanding my client base?

Mobile Marketing cultivates customer loyalty, and when your customers feel loyal to you, they will share that with their friends. Their friends and followers on Social Media will see that they frequent your establishment, they will see each other using your mobile coupons or getting special treatment for opting in to your promotions and they will want in as well. There’s really no better advocate for your business than a happy customer and Mobile Marketing helps to foster those relationships

But what really makes Mobile Marketing different than email or direct mail?

Mobile Marketing has an extremely high conversion rate. Email promotions are saturated and are producing less and less response as everyone’s inbox fills up with unwanted messages. Text messaging is a far less cluttered channel, with conversion rates at 12-15% and climbing. Imagine sending 1,000 texts for a special sale and seeing 150 of those customers walk through your door that very same day.

Mobile Marketing

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