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Our Philosophy

A team of internet nerds helping businesses succeed online

Our Philosophy:

iOVA TeamMove over Socrates, this is the age of the geek. Our Philosophy? Work hard, play hard and be one with your inner geek. We love the internet. We love everything technology. Spending a day in our office you would probably overhear us sharing new app ideas, playfully arguing about the advantages “xyz” web development platform, discussing the latest SEO blogs or maybe having imaginary lightsaber duels in the hallways (yes, we are actually that geeky). But technology isn’t the only thing we care about, we care about or clients and their success. Without our clients we are nothing. It’s not uncommon for us to invite local clients over for lunch or even just a cup of coffee to see how they are doing. Our goal is always to make sure our clients are getting the absolute best value for their marketing dollar.  So whether you are a multimillion dollar organization or a little mom and pop shop down the street, here at iOVA you are family.

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

“We were referred to iOVA Communications last Fall and were instantly impressed by their down to earth nature, as well as their professionalism. They took time to educate us about successful online marketing vs unsuccessful online marketing.  We saw their vision, got the mission,  and jumped on board! Within 3 short months iOVA had us on the first page of Google for our most lucrative terms.  Their ability to readily communicate with us, helps to reinforce that they take our business interests to heart, and most importantly they do what they say they can do! Having been in business for over 30 years we understand that this kind of business relationship leads to success!”

Christian Devine, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sunshine U-Lok Corporation.


“We were in the middle of a huge redesign of our website when we hired iOVA Communications as an SEO consultant.  Their expertise was immeasurable, not only with the completion of our site, but their ongoing work has made a huge impact on our web development endeavors.”

Alex Berezin, Online Marketing Manager, Arecont Vision


“As a small business owner in a competitive field I need to be proactive in order to make sure that prospective clients not only find me but that they contact me as well.  For a couple of years I relied upon AT&T advertising to help me in that regard.  When I had finally had enough of their lack of accountability and their poor results I decided to take a different approach and look into hiring an online business development company.  After speaking with a few different companies I was fortunate to meet with the guys at iOVA communications.  Boy am I glad I did.  James took an immediate interest in me and my business.  He, and the rest of the crew at iOVA, spent a lot of time with me before I even hired them.  They really cared about showing me that they can do a good job and that they are passionate about their work.  I have now been working with iOVA for several months.  They have helped to increase my business and they have earned my respect and appreciation.  I highly recommend their services to all.”

Brent D. George, Esq, Law Offices of Brent D. George


“We are working with iOVA to help us with our e-commerce website, SayHelloBird. It hasn’t been long, but we’re already seeing drastic improvements in our search results and as a result more sales. We’re sure that the ROI on our SEO campaign will be through the roof very soon.
These guys have also taken the time to answer all questions, even the dumb ones [there are no dumb questions when it comes to your online marketing!], courteously and thoroughly.”

Derek Ashauer, Co-Founder of SayHelloBrird