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Social Media Marketing

Connect with Customers or Clients Through Social Media

In today’s marketing landscape, Social Media is more important than ever. Email, snail mail, TV and radio commercials are all cluttered. We fast forward with our DVR or change the station, delete the email or recycle direct mailings without ever seeing what you have to offer. Social Media provides you with a direct and immediate line to your existing customer base while also allowing you to expand your business through word of mouth and public interaction.

What can Social Media do for your business?

  • Breed engagement and loyalty amongst your fans. Everyone likes to feel like they’re part of a club and social media lets you build those relationships with your customers.
  • Allows you to interact with your existing customer base, get honest feedback, and provide immediate responses.
  • Creates organic word-of-mouth advertising as people are alerted to their friends’ engagement with your business, as well as allowing them to witness your stellar customer interactions first hand.
  • Fosters loyalty by allowing you to reward your customers through exclusive promotions.
  • Provides space for short term and current promotions or deals. Daily deals, password promotions, and immediate rewards can be utilized fully and effectively.
  • Keeps your customers current on events and news at your business.
  • Provides you with measurable results that can easily be tweaked and altered to improve your customer growth and engagement.

I like numbers, what can you show me on Social Media Marketing’s effects? (All data from 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report Stats via August 2012)

  • Top 2 benefits of Social Media Marketing are increased exposure and increased traffic: 85% of businesses with dedicated social media as part of their marketing reported growth in their market exposure and a significant 74% of participants found that increased traffic occurred with 6 hours per week or more invested in social media marketing.
  • 43% of people aged 20-29 spend upwards of 10 hours per week on social media sites. That’s a target demographic that can be reached directly with Social Media Marketing.
  • Small business owners with 2 or more employees were more likely to see improved sales from social media (average 51.5% increase).

Why should I hire iOVA to handle my Social Media?

  • When building a loyal fan base, time invested makes a difference. 60%  of businesses spending at least 6 hours a week found benefit in Social Media, compared to 46% of those spending 5 hours or less per week. As a business owner, finding an extra 6 hours in your week is probably impossible so we’re here to handle that for you.
  • Since 2010, the number of businesses hiring out their Social Media has more than doubled from 14% to 30%. And that number is only continuing to grow, so you would be part of a growing group.
  • An incredible 95% of businesses studied who have been conducting social media activities for more than 3 years agree that it has generated exposure for their business.

What if my company doesn’t work with consumers but rather other businesses? Is Social Media good for me?

  • In short, yes. Social Media can be crucial in finding and fostering new partnerships with other businesses. Of those with 3 years or more of experience in social media, 72% saw new partnerships result from their social media efforts and 44% of people who have invested at least 6 months in social media marketing also report new partnerships were gained. 56% of those businesses investing 6 to 10 hours per week in social media were able to build new partnerships.

What Social Media Marketing services does iOVA offer?

Social Media Account Setup:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Yelp, Google+

Social Media Consulting

Social Media Account Management:

Facebook or Twitter: includes growing the account and posting engaging content consistently.

Facebook Advertising Management



Social Media Marketing

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